Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix

10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix10 MINUTE SOLUTION:FAT BLASTING DANCE - DVD Movie
Price: $14.98

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21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health

21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your HealthFor years, Dr. Neal D. Barnard has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research on what it really takes to lose weight and restore the body to optimal health. Now, with his proven, successful program, in just three short weeks you'll get fast results-drop pounds, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and more. With Dr. Barnard's advice on how to easily start a plant-based diet, you'll learn the secrets to reprogramming your body quickly:
  • Appetite reduction: Strategically choose the right foods to naturally and easily tame your appetite.
  • Metabolism boost: Adjust eating patterns to burn calories faster for about three hours after each meal.
  • Cardio protection: Discover the powerful foods that can help reduce cholesterol nearly as much as drugs do in just weeks.
Whether you are one of the millions who are anxious to get a jumpstart on weight loss or who already know about the benefits of a plant-based diet but have no idea how or where to start, this book is the kickstart you've been waiting for. Complete with more than sixty recipes, daily meal plans for the 21-day program, tips for grocery shopping, and more, this book will teach you how to make the best food choices and get your body on the fast track to better health.
Price: $25.99

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30-Day Subliminal Weight loss Program "Lose fat while your unconscious mind does the work" - with audiotape [VHS]

This best selling program is now on DVD with a CD...on Amazon
No Will Power or Special Diet Needed! Program can be used by itself, or in conjunction with any diet or weight loss program
Also included in package a 20-minute music audio tape with all the subliminal messages to be used with video Subliminal Messages have been used for years to reprogram and change consumer's minds in advertising. Now you can use the same process to lose fat, effortlessly!
If you can watch a 20-minute Video everyday for 30 days, and listen to a music CD (included) at least every third day, you can reprogram your unconscious mind to lose fat and live a healthier life. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!
The Video consists of different scenes of beautiful mountain streams with flowing water and soothing music. But, there are images and powerful subliminal messages continuously imbedded throughout the scenes and music. Only your unconscious mind will be able to see and hear them. These subliminal messages in 30-days will reprogram your mind to lose fat and have healthy habits.
The Subliminal Messages Are:
Become slim & healthy- Lose fat & inches- Drink plenty of water- Eat fruits & vegetables- Eat less sugar & fat- Motivation & desire- Eat smaller of portions of food- Have fun & enjoy life- Exercise safely- Eat until your body is nourished, then stop
Video Includes: -Instructions for the 30-day program -Subliminal messages how and why they work -20- Minute subliminal program
Producer Steve Murray is a member of the National League of Medical Hypnotherapists and a Certified Hypnotherapist. He is author of the book "Cancer Guided Imagery" and has a series of 24 successful self-help video & DVD programs, including five on Cancer Guided Imagery
It works! I lost 15#s 1st month, & lost 45#s over last 31/2 months. It's a miracle, I now have healthy habits without thinking about it. N.P. Morgan Az
My eating habits have changed. I'm eating healthy & smaller meals. I lost 40 pounds and still losing. Best investment I ever made. J. Fletcher San Diego Ca
Amazing! It's like all of a sudden you are programmed to do the right things for you health automatically. I lost 50 pounds & look great. J.Meyers Alabama
Price: $39.95

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A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever

A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight ForeverWhat is the connection between spirituality and weight loss? Best-selling author Marianne Williamson is about to answer that question for you in her groundbreaking new book, bringing you 21 spiritual lessons to help you surrender your weight forever. These lessons form a holistic paradigm for weight loss, addressing the spiritual, emotional, and psychological elements involved in what Williamson refers to as “conscious weight loss.” If you are a food addict, a compulsive eater, or someone who for any reason sees food as the enemy, this book is for you.
A Course in Weight Loss addresses the true causal root of your weight-loss issues: a place within you where you have forgotten your divine perfection. This forgetfulness has confused not only your mind but also your body, making you reach for that which cannot sustain you . . . and reject that which does. As your mind reclaims its spiritual intelligence, your body will reclaim its natural intelligence as well.
The 21 lessons in this book will take you on a deep, sacred journey. One step at a time, you will learn to shift your relationship with yourselfâ??and your bodyâ??from one of fear to one of love. And you will begin to integrate the various parts of yourselfâ??mind, body, and spiritâ??to become, once again, and in all ways, the beautiful and peaceful person you were created to be.
As Williamson writes:

“If your â??weighty thinking’ does not change, then even if you lose weight you’ll retain an overwhelming subconscious urge to gain it back. It’s less important how quickly you lose weight, and more important how holistically you lose weight; you want your mind, your emotions, and your body to all â??lose weight.’

"Weight that disappears from your body but not from your soul is simply recycling outward for a while but is almost certain to return. It’s self-defeating, therefore, to struggle to drop excess weight unless you are also willing to drop the thought-forms that initially produced it and now hold it in place.

“When it comes to your enjoyment of eating, your best days are not behind you but ahead of you!” So get ready to begin a new relationship with food . . . and with yourself.
Price: $24.95

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almased Almased Multi Protein Powder

Almased Almased Multi Protein Powder10 MINUTE SOLUTION:FAT BLASTING DANCE - DVD Movie

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